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Paul Arthur Bodine

“Focused on identifying problems quickly and helping implement solutions that move companies forward fast. Paul’s value is beyond measure”

Paul creates instructional videos that help to explain complex concepts in an accessible way. Casual in nature, these videos are meant to be consumed online and using mobile devices, enabling learners to participate whenever, wherever, however. These videos form the core of online learning.

“Students today are growing up in a video-based, multi-tasking world. We must first hold their attention before they will learn.”

Paul Arthur Bodine


Being a Live Case Client – United Airlines
Explains the Business Architecture engagement from the client’s point-of-view – what a Business Architect does and the value they bring. (18:45 min)
Paul Arthur Bodine – Business Architect and Educator
An overview of Paul’s course, how he works and what he brings to an engagement (7:06 min)
Learning to Swim in the Deep End – Business Architecture
MBA students describe what it is like to take Paul’s Business Architecture course (9:56 min)


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