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Paul Arthur Bodine

“Focused on identifying problems quickly and helping implement solutions that move companies forward fast. Paul’s value is beyond measure”

Paul writes papers on a variety of subjects. Here is a sampling:

Bodine, Paul Arthur and Jack Hilty, “Business Architecture: An Emerging Profession.” Business Architects Association Institute: Chicago 2009.

Bodine, Paul Arthur, “Googlenauts Are Turning the University Inside Out: Implications for Education, the University Library and Library Development.” Working Paper: Chicago 2008.

Bodine, Paul Arthur, “The 21st Century Agora: A Vision for the University Library As Viewed from Across the Front Counter.” Working Paper: Chicago 2005.

Leust, Keith, Paul Arthur Bodine, Tom Clancy, Jack Hilty, Tom Caprel. “Business Architecture Competency Model.” Business Architects Association Institute:Chicago Version 8, 2009.

Sample Case Studies for Business Architecture

It is difficult to find case studies for use in MBA Business Architecture programs. Most case studies lack sufficient open-ended project statements, concurrent problems, cultural issues, and multiple department involvement inside and outside the organization to realistically simulate the real-world environments in which Business Architects find themselves working today. These cases are designed to begin to bring some of this richness forward.

Bodine, Paul Arthur. “Engaging a New Generation: Junior League of Chicago.” Working Paper: Chicago, version March 30, 2010.

Bodine, Paul Arthur. “Hard Rock Hotel Chicago: Competing with the Big Brands.” Working Paper: Chicago, version April 5, 2011.