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Paul Arthur Bodine

“Focused on identifying problems quickly and helping companies implement solutions to move forward. Paul’s value is beyond measure”

If your organization wishes to build a strong expertise in Business Architecture, Paul’s Business Architecture Launch Workshop is a great foundation from which to begin! Paul brings his 10 years of teaching Business Architecture at the MBA level and many more years practicing it to this workshop.

This Workshop will get your people on board, up-to-speed, on the same page and educated about the foundation blocks of Business Architecture. The Workshop’s interactive format will help your employees establish mutually-supportive working relationships with their counterparts throughout the organization. It will establish a pattern of fluid ground-floor cooperation around the design and implementation of new initiatives, which greatly increases your organization’s agility, coordination and ability to take on larger challenges.

Custom Design: Each workshop is tailored to fit your particular needs. Paul will listen carefully to your thoughts and ideas to understand the unique characteristics of your organization, the reporting level of the personnel who will be in attendance and your organization’s level of maturity in Business Architecture, making adjustments accordingly. 

Corporation and Governmental Agency

Corporations and governmental agencies wishing to build internal Business Architecture teams will find this workshop as an invaluable place to begin or way to coalesce several concurrent Business Architecture initiatives.

Large Implementations: A series of small and larger workshops is often called for when implementing a Business Architecture program in a large organization – e.g., a briefing session for executive management, a scope, scale and organizational structure workshop for senior management, a Sponsors and Champions session, an all-hands introduction meeting, a series of workshops for each of your cross-functional work teams and focused follow-on training sessions to prepare your personnel for their roles in your new architected organization.


Business Architecture is a good career choice for your business students and a core skill that will help turn your MBAs into sought-after road warriors. Business Architecture is a swiftly growing profession with growing job demand in corporations like United Air Lines, Pepsico, IBM, Wells Fargo, HP, Allstate Insurance, SAP and Cicso, and consulting companies like Accenture and Oracle. Additionally, hiring managers are perceiving Business Architecture to be a differentiating skill for graduates in other business disciplines.

Universities wishing to add Business Architecture to their degree offerings will find Paul’s Workshop to be a time-efficient way to get everyone on the same page and cognizant of all of the elements that are necessary to include in a well-defined Business Architecture program.


The opportunities for providing Business Architecture support services is growing as the word gets out and corporations learn to appreciate the value a Business Architect brings.

Demand for Business Architecture services occurs at every level of the organization in every department and business unit. It is a good choice as an additional service to offer your existing clients, or an initiating service to offer new clients. It can be customized to help you differentiate and highlight your industry-based expertise – e.g., aerospace, insurance, banking, etc.  and discipline-based expertise – e.g., sales, marketing, logistics, etc.

Paul’s Workshop is a good way to anchor your competency with a recognized pedigree while surveying the industry and learning critical tricks-of-the-trade.

Let Paul help you to get your program underway.