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Paul Arthur Bodine

An Innovative Business Practices Consultant Serving CEOs


What are the challenges you face as a CEO? How to

  • Reduce Risk, Save Time and Money…
  • Futureproof Your Organization…
  • Keep Consultants Honest…
  • Keep Customers Happy, Profitably…
  • Get Better Command of Your Organization…

… Our weekly meetup keeps you focused on the big picture, moving major initiatives forward, while solving the complex challenges of the day. We bring innovative business school tools to bear on your company’s most pressing needs, giving you that 10% more that you need to make your business thrive.

We help you to synthesize the vast amount of information that comes in and talk through things that would be premature to share with your team. In between visits, we take assignments, perform research, plan, train, oversee implementation – whatever you need to Move your Business Forward Fast.

“You pick up on the fundamentals right away, understand what is really going on, what is important. We were able to begin right away with very little orientation.”

“You are very fast. You are able to synthesize on-the-fly. It is the true value you bring.”

“You are reorienting my brain, enabling me to see my organization through a different set of lenses, a new vocabulary. Each weekly conversation is a building block to moving forward. Our organization can position itself in a very different way.”

“I was expecting this to be good, but I don’t think I was expecting it to be as comprehensive and that we would actually find things that we want to implement and implement them yesterday.”


What would make you feel like you are the dynamic leader you want to be?


WE CAN HELP. How many of these issues do you feel are bogging you down right now:

Internal conflict, wasting time and money, missing out on profitable opportunities, funding projects of marginal value, pursuing dead end paths, being ill-prepared for the future, or being pulled in too many different directions?



We approach your business holistically, providing you with an end-to-end view of your business. Beginning with a big picture view of your organization within its current and future competitive marketplace, we drill down into the core areas that contain opportunities and concerns, recommending structural adjustments that will help you clarify and realize your dream for your company.

We have no preconceived notions, no prewritten formula. Each client is unique, each situation demands an objective approach. We aren’t attempting to park a large team in your office that you can’t get rid of. Our goal is to help your team to see and actionalize your own success.

“You give your clients a new pair of glasses – sharpen their vision – enable them to see things they’ve never noticed before.”

“Paul and his team can take a problem they know nothing about and ask really good questions, solve the problem, and show the hard data that supports their recommendations.”

“My main gripe with consultants is that they want to talk to everyone in the organization – teach me, teach me, teach me. Then, at the end, they present us with a modified version of their standard product to which we have to fit.”


Advisor. Educator. Speaker. Architect. Friend. Easy to Work With. Go-To Guy, for whatever comes up, when it comes up.

Paul Arthur Bodine MBA is a thought leader in the emerging field of Business Architecture, and a founder of this $100 million profession. Known as a Business-Side Business Architect, Paul is a master problem-solver. He is adept at explaining complex concepts in simple terms. When you work with Paul, you will experience his patient and calming presence.

As a licensed architect, Paul is used to working with people who have a dream

“Business Architecture with a capital ‘A’.”

“You shift gears fluidly.”


CEOs live with a lot of stress. Paul helps you to convert this stress into action and success. Through the use of analytics, he reduces the number of unknowns, enabling you to focus on the things that are most important to your success. He shows you how the parts can come together in a new way, opening new opportunities.

“What I’ve liked most about the engagement process is getting outside third-party independent perspectives and views on things that we look at on a daily basis.”

“Yours is a repetitive and reflective practice. It creates a space for an open conversation to take place. Our meetings provide me with a safe place to bounce ideas. It shuts out the everyday concerns and allows me to look at the big picture and the future. The repetitiveness of regular meetings enables us to implement and improve ideas.”

“You turn the light bulb on.”

“After our meetings, I can get back in touch with my capacity to think differently. It invigorates me.”

It’s time to see the future of your business and plan accordingly, in Paul’s capable hands.

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