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Have You Defined your Social Architecture?

The world of business discovered social media in 2009. Business professionals are setting up professional Facebook pages, groups and fan pages for themselves and their companies in a way they never did with LinkedIn, MySpace or Plaxo. Those with public profiles are Twittering, and all are experimenting to understand how these highly engaging methods work and the role they will play in a well-structured personal/professional communication program alongside the more traditional video conferences, phone calls, letters, emails, meetings, dinners, events, etc.

Each is a superb game-changing tool that promises to enable the business professional to maintain many more quality relationships than was ever previously possible. Overuse can cause distress among those who receive excessive or wrong communications, while leaving little time for work, especially as more and more tools become available.

A balance must be struck and an architecture must be adopted that identifies which of these social methods to use when, with what audience, with what frequency, in combination with which other methods, using which interface, etc.

Those who master this Social Architecture will enjoy great efficiencies of effort and outdistance their competitors.

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