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Paul Arthur Bodine

“Focused on identifying problems quickly and helping companies implement solutions to move forward. Paul’s value is beyond measure”

Paul has been teaching briefings, seminars, workshops, continuing education and degree-program courses for over 20 years. Ten of these years at the university graduate level in DePaul University’s AACSB-accredited MBA program where he serves as an Adjunct Professor in Business Architecture, E-Business, and the Principles of Building and Construction in the Real Estate Center.

Paul is known for the density of empirically-supported information in his talks and the practical applicability of the content. He has an accessible, easy-going delivery style, which encourages audience participation, that is combined with a thoughtful, provocative spirit, which causes students to think and helps to get to the root issues quickly. Paul has a knack for explaining very difficult, complex subjects in simple terms.

Paul’s talks are always full of fun, enthusiasm, vision and why-not challenges to the audience. His exercises require students to think, employ analytical skills, integrate disparate information, use judgment and demonstrate knowledge learned. Paul believes strongly in collaboration and team/group work. He attempts to draw out students’ diverse experiences and opinions in class to mature the discussion and reveal to students the breadth of beliefs that must be accommodated and synthesized when solutioning.

Paul would welcome the opportunity to work with your university and train your personnel.

Paul’s Teaching Philosophy