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Paul Arthur Bodine

Course Description

DePaul University MBA Business Architecture Class Spring 2011 with live case client, the Hard Rock Hotel ChicagoDePaul University MBA Business Architecture Class Spring 2011 with live case client, the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago
 photo by Putti Tiasuwan

Business Architecture is an essential skill for students wishing to manage cross-organizational teams, build businesses and help organizations to achieve sustainable profitability as practicing professionals. Mastery improves the student’s business IQ, performance reviews and likelihood of promotion.

Learning to Swim in the Deep End – Business Architecture
MBA students describe what it is like to take Paul’s Business Architecture course (9:56 min)

Business Architecture provides executive management with improved strategic options and pathways to reducing risk. It looks five years into the future, identifies the attributes of the dominant and niche players, determines how the organization needs to be configured and equipped to win in its segments, and prepares a holistically integrated gameplan for morphing the organization from today to tomorrow.

Business Architecture takes a holistic view of the organization, seeing it as a dynamic set of interdependent elements, each being a microcosm of the business itself. Business Architecture defines how the different functions, resources and personalities within and outside the organization work together in real-time to achieve ongoing success. It requires careful analysis, modeling and validating solution options, and clearly communicating the contributions each part of the organization will need to provide to implement and operationally support the chosen solution.

Students will learn the Business Architecture Engagement Process and Approach Methodology, which provide a comprehensive roadmap for creating reliable Business Architecture solutions. They will learn about the Business Architect’s deliverables, and techniques for engaging subject matter experts and leaders from different disciplines in the solutioning.

Students share their own work experience in a fast-paced, fun, interactive environment. They learn tools that are immediately applicable in their current work, and practice applying these learnings through in-class cases and assigned exercises.

This course is optimized for high-potential students nearing the end of their MBA who wish to differentiate themselves in the marketplace with an advanced management skillset. Students wishing to pursue a certificate in Business Architecture may choose to continue their education through DePaul University’s Department of Continuing and Professional Education.

Students Are Saying…

“Professor Bodine was easily one the best Professors I had during my Master’s courses at DePaul. Because of him and his class I actually got more out of every other class I took due to the ‘meta-nature’ of his teachings. Phenomenal instructor, great methods of sharing, and explaining information.”

“If you plan on being a senior manager, it is imperative that you are able to conceptually visualize how the different functions of a company work together.”

“I have already applied this approach with significant positive response from my superiors.”

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