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Paul Arthur Bodine

“Focused on identifying problems quickly and helping implement solutions that move companies forward fast. Paul’s value is beyond measure”

Everyone occasionally needs a fresh eye and outside opinion when making decisions affecting the trajectory of their organization

- - to bounce ideas off of, clarify thinking, and walk through opportunity and risk scenarios to see how they play out.

Paul helps business leaders make better decisions by viewing the situation in a larger context, putting things in proportion, and looking at opportunities and challenges from new angles. This enables them to see the situation holistically with a sharper lens.

When you need help to:

  • Get a difficult situation under control
  • Assess a new challenge or competitive threat or response
  • Evaluate a new opportunity
  • Make a critical decision
  • Carefully plan large-scale changes
  • Facilitate a complex brainstorming session
  • Be sure the information you are receiving tells the real story
  • Test the congruence of new initiatives with your brand and way of working
  • Identify needed expertise
  • Communicate important information to stakeholders and get their buy-in
  • Paul’s advice is always insightful and confidential.